Tour of Hope

Krystal Barter founder of Pink Hope embarked on the Tour of the United States in September 2012.

On this tour, Krystal worked  with Bright Pink founder and CEO Lindsay Avner and together they pooled various resources in order to create a global alliance in the fight again hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  Lindsay Avner’s profile has risen over the last few months as this inspirational young woman was a support to E!News anchor Giuliana Rancic through her breast cancer journey. She is regular on Giuiliana and Bill reality TV Show this season.

Krystal was lucky enough to bump into Giuliana and Bill Rancic while out to dinner at their restaurant RPM in Chicago…. as Krystal is a massive fan of them! We can say she was a little chuffed!

During the trip, Krystal was in New York with Lindsay attending events, magazine editors, attended NY Fashion week with US Tresemme team and learnt about the work Bright Pink has done to create awareness in the United States.

From there, Krystal travlled to Chicago where she was based out of the Bright Pink offices, where Lindsay and Krystal collaborated resources to establish global ties and to create a much stronger front in the fight against breast and ovarian cancer.

Funding for Tour of Hope:

Krystal and Pink Hope are dedicated to making sure all sponsorship and donations intended for expansion and development of Pink Hope are only used for that purpose. So we are thankful for the support of Revlon who funded the Tour of Hope.

With special thanks to Lorna Jane and Priori

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