Ask Our Genetic Counsellor

Ask our genetic counsellor is a Pink Hope service that allows you to submit questions relating to your own risk.

Ask Our Genetic Counsellor is a Pink Hope service that allows you to submit questions relating to your risk of breast and ovarian cancer to our qualified Genetic Counsellor. You may be determining if you are at-risk, considering genetic testing or learning about ways to reduce your risk.

Pink Hope’s Kiss and Tell Program contains resources to help you investigate
and record your family health history of breast and ovarian cancer so as to
identify any family health patterns.

Know Your Risk is an online tool designed to help you assess your own
personal risk of developing breast cancer and give you the information
you need to talk to you healthcare professional to put in place a personalized
health plan.

To see a Genetic Counsellor at a Family Cancer Clinic simply ask your GP for a
referral.There are Family Cancer Clinics located throughout Australia.

  • When answering your question, the Pink Hope Genetic Counsellor can only provide general information – specific medical advice will not be provided. When asking your questions please remember that the Genetic Counsellor will not be able to answer specific personal questions.

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