Hold a Group Support Event

Pink Hope has two group peer to peer group support programs; Online Support Groups and Outreach Support Events. These programs offer high risk women the opportunity to connect with other high risk women in a safe and supportive environment. Members of these groups share advice and experiences on everything from genetic testing, screening and preventative surgeries to emotional wellbeing.

Outreach Support Events

Pink Hope’s Outreach Support Events provide women at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer due to family health history or a gene fault, the opportunity to connect face to face with other women high risk women who face similar challenges and decisions to share experiences.

These Outreach Support Events offer a warm, supportive opportunity for high risk women to connect in person with others facing a similar situation. These events are usually a social catch up at a café or restaurant. Outreach Support Events are co-ordinated by the Pink Hope Programs Manager and hosted by Pink Hope members. If you would like to host an event please contact the Pink Hope Programs Manager: sue@pinkhope.org.au.

The Coffee Catch Up was fantastic. We talked for over two and a half hours. I feel so much lighter!

– Gyan,

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