Impact and Achievements

As one of the fastest growing organisations in the country specialising in preventative breast and ovarian health and personalised support for at-risk women. We have truly made an impact locally and globally on the cause and mission.

Pink Hope has seen significant growth since 2012 ensuring we represent, empower and educate every family about their risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Prior to Pink Hope there was not a unique Australian based organisation focused on preventative breast and ovarian health. The success of Pink Hope can be seen by its growth; reaching and supporting an increasing number of women and their families every year since 2012.

priorAdvocating for key issues:

  • From better access and more equitable access to gene testing here to Breast Density Guidelines in Australia here. We are the organisation that is dedicated to using our mighty voice to evoke change.

priorThe Angelina Effect

  • When Angelina Jolie shared her BRCA status and decisions related to being at-risk, the demand for Pink Hope representation in the media increased exponentially.
  • The need for our information and support services for women and their families grew by approximately 701%. Pink Hope is called upon as the leading voice for BRCA mutation carriers and at-risk families around Australia and continues to be a leading voice of preventative health globally.

priorMedia Profile

  • Pink Hope has high media engagement. Our advocacy campaigns average 25 million media impressions on launch.
  • Pink Hope is called upon as a leading voice in the preventative health space locally and globally.

priorThe Community & our Reach

  • We reach daily over 200,000 people across our communication channels.
  • We highlight important stories from our community, ensuring their voice is heard
  • Our Campaigns are some of Australia’s most success with #BrightPinkLipstickDay reaching over 300million impressions in its few years.

Knowledge into the BRCA gene mutation and cancer risk is constantly evolving and I feel so empowered and blessed that I have been given the opportunity to take my life in to my own hands to decrease my risk of breast and ovarian cancer, thank you Pink Hope. Jo

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