Impact and Achievements

Pink Hope has grown to become one of Australia’s leading women’s health movements, with one of the its key pillars focusing on personalised support for its community. And it’s because of our community that we continue to do what we do.

As our community’s ‘educated best friend’ on preventative health, we provide a range of programs and support services that nurture these women and their families on their difficult roads to better health through the decisions required with a high-risk mutation and sometimes tragically, a cancer diagnosis.

Whether taking a phone call mid-meeting to be a sounding board for our community members in their moments of need, to answering Direct Messages on the Pink Hope Instagram page answering questions and providing hope, we ensure each member of the community is made to feel welcomed, supported and empowered to know their risk and change their future.

With this support comes a responsibility, too. As an organisation to understand the implications, decisions and impact that preventative health has upon a woman, her family and her future. As an organisation dedicated to providing the highest level of support to its community, we take this role seriously, and so upon hearing and learning of key issues they face, we leverage these insights to take a stand on issues that matter, through media and advocacy, to ensure that these women know their voices matter, and that they are heard.

Here is just a snap shot of our achievements and conversations we have been apart of. 

  • June 2019 – Launching Women Who Lead event
  • We reach daily over 200,000 people across our communication channels
  • Launch of Pink Hope’s Young Women’s Online Community Support Group
  • Launch of free Giveback Retreats in partnership with Girls Getaways
  • Pink Hope works in partnership with several other patient advocacy organiations and Monash University to address the issue of insurance discrimination
  • Our Campaigns are some of Australia’s most success with #BrightPinkLipstickDay reaching over 300 million impressions in its few years.

  • Pink Hope advocates for and raises awareness around the importance of breast density and its impact on women’s risk of developing breast cancer
  • BPLD 2018 –Launching Pink Hope Lipsticks at The Langham, Sydney
  • Pink Hope ring NASDAQ Bell and Counsel Generals in NYC
  • Advocated for better access and more equitable access to gene testing here to advocating for a change of Breast Density Guidelines in Australia here.


  • Launching our Genetic Testing grant program and reduced local testing prices in 2 weeks
  • Pink Hope launches its #KnowYourRiskTool to help Australian women understand and manage their risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer
  • November 2017 – Insurance discrimination op-ed that sparked a global conversation
  • Pink Hope successfully advocates for Medicare to cover the cost of genetic testing for at-risk families
  • Pink Hope successfully launches its annual calendar of national Information & Support Days

  • September 2015 – BPLD launches at Kirribilli House – sparking a national conversation in the media around
  • November 2015 – Australia’s own ‘Angelina’ Krystal Barter, meets with Angelina
  • Angelina Jolie publicly shares her removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes.


  • Angelina Jolie publicly shared her BRCA1 status and preventative health journey, sparking a global conversation about genetic mutations and the need for support for women at an increased risk
  • We didn’t rest when Angelina shared her story, on limited sleep and passion we were featured in 2000 stories globally and became the face of the conversation in Australia. Including internationally.
  • Pink Hope launches its ‘Ask A Genetic Councillor’ tool

  • Pink Hope became a stand-alone organisation
  • September 2012 – BPLD launches at The Star Casino, Sydney


Knowledge into the BRCA gene mutation and cancer risk is constantly evolving and I feel so empowered and blessed that I have been given the opportunity to take my life in to my own hands to decrease my risk of breast and ovarian cancer, thank you Pink Hope. Jo