Our Mission and Vision

Pink Hope is a breast and ovarian preventative health hub, working to ensure every individual can assess, manage and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, while providing personalised support to at-risk women.

Our Vision

Ensuring each family is empowered to take control of their breast and ovarian cancer risk.

Our Mission

· Provide tools and information to help the general population “know” their risk of breast and ovarian cancer

· Provide support and information to members of the at-risk community to help them appropriately manage and navigate their risk

· Work collaboratively with healthcare providers to ensure a better transition for at-risk women as they move through each key touch point of their journey

· Promote open discussion around family health history in the general population through targeted campaigns and education

· Encourage at-risk women to be vigilant and proactive with their breast and ovarian health, resulting in a much earlier diagnosis, potential prevention and better treatment options

· Advocate for women and their families at risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

The outcome from fulfilling our vision & mission

Pink Hope is able to help individuals take charge of their risk, so the possibility for them
to avoid cancer can become a reality.

Our Story / Our Founder

Pink Hope founder Krystal Barter is a womens health activist, speaker and author. She discovered her family’s cancer history was not by chance, but due to a gene fault called BRCA1 (the same gene made famous by Angelina Jolie), which predisposes the carrier to a risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

At only 25 and with a husband and young family, Krystal made the difficult decision to break the cycle of cancer that plagued her family. Krystal had a preventative double mastectomy in 2009. Krystal was one of the first Australian women to publically share her story and preventative surgery, giving a face and awareness to BRCA and prevention. In 2014 at 31, Krystal took the next step in her BRCA journey and had her fallopian tubes and one ovary removed to reduce her risk of ovarian cancer.

Krystal says, “having experienced the isolation and lack of information for high-risk women like me, I decided to be proactive about helping others which lead to me creating Pink Hope. I have made it my personal mission to provide information, resources and support for the high-risk community.”

Pink Hope became a stand-alone organisation in 2012 and has become Australia’s only and fastest growing preventative health hub- supporting thousands of at-risk families around the country and enabling the general population to assess and understand their risk.

Why we need to exist

Carrying a genetic predisposition or being at-risk to breast and ovarian cancer can have far-reaching medical, social, emotional, financial and physical implications for these women and their families. In addition, within this group, these cancers often occur at much younger ages, making the gravity of the situation even more confronting. It is also very important we exist and work hard to find the moderate to at-risk individuals, so we can empower them with potentially life-saving information. We can only do this by actively engaging, educating and informing every Australian about risk.

Strategic priorities 2018-2022


We will continue to expand and deliver tools, digital content, education and support to the wider community to empower them to know their risk


We will ensure every family at-risk is supported at each key touch point, thus enabling them to make life-saving and changing decisions


We will evoke change in the preventative health space through targeted campaigns, digital content, real life patient stories and advocacy


We will give a platform for the community to share their stories and become a patient advocate


We will collaborate with other organisations to ensure we change the future for at-risk families.

What we are achieving

Our organisation is at the forefront of preventative breast and ovarian health in Australia and called upon as a global leader. We work hard to ensure that we empower every Australian to assess and understand their risk of breast and ovarian cancer. Learn more about our impact and achievements here:

Impact and Achievements