Our Team

Pink Hope is a growing organisation with passionate staff, committee and board members.

Our Team

Pink Hope is a growing organisation with passionate staff, committee and board members. Our structure means we are governed by a board, advised by a medical committee and led by a CEO. All these people have either been impacted by hereditary cancer or passionate about the cause.


Krystal Barter
(Founder & CEO)

Activist, author and founder of Pink Hope. Krystal created the organisation from the ground up. Initially on a volunteer capacity, while raising 3 young children. Over the last few years Pink Hope has evolved from a community to a premier prevention awareness and education organisation changing and saving lives.


Lisa Caterina
(Public Relations and Engagement Coordinator)

Mum, Wife, Sister and is inspired everyday by the people she meets through her role at Pink Hope. Lisa started the role at Pink Hope in mid 2014 to help with the increasing workload at Pink Hope HQ. Lisa says ”I am so inspired by the families and stories I hear everyday. And know in some small way I am making a difference”.


Sue Jones
(Programs Manager)

Sue comes from a family impacted by generations of cancer. She is devoted to the work Pink Hope does for families like hers. Sue is responsible for running and expanding our programs, support services and resources. Since 2012 Sue has been volunteering with Pink Hope and she has officialy joined the team in 2015. Her professional and personal experience drives her passion to educate and support our community.


Lucinda Hossak
(Genetic Counsellor)

Lucinda Hossack is a specialist Cancer Genetic Counsellor in the Familial Cancer Centre at Peter Mac Callum Cancer Centre and has been a genetic counsellor for over 10 years. She is a Fellow of the Human Genetics Society of Australia and her area of speciality is the long term care of families with hereditary cancer syndromes. Lucinda holds a BSc with a Grad Dip (Genetic Counselling).



Nicole Craig (Operations)

Nicole has experienced first hand the impact of living with a family cancer history. With multiple family members passing away including her beloved mum. This inspired Nicole to bring her corporate experience in risk, governance and operations to our growing organisation in a part time capacity.



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