Programs and Initiatives

Learn more about Pink Hope’s lifesaving programs and support services.

Our program and support services ensure we are enabling all Australians to assess, understand and reduce their risk of breast and ovarian cancer, while providing personalised support to at-risk women.

Here we highlight each of our lifesaving programs, campaigns and services.

Education & Support Programs

Know Your Risk Tool

The Pink Hope online assessment tool will help you determine your risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer.

Info and Support Days

Pink Hope’s Info and Support Days consist of events for those at increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer who want to learn more about how to manage their risk. The events feature expert speakers providing information, research findings, question and answer panels and personal stories.

Online Genetic Counsellor

Ask Our Genetic Counsellor is a Pink Hope service that allows you to submit questions relating to your risk of breast and ovarian cancer to our qualified Genetic Counsellor. You may be determining if you are at-risk, considering genetic testing or learning about ways to reduce your risk.

GP & Healthcare Professional Education 

This program is throwing the concept of healthcare education on its head, instead of being educated by their peers, we are sending our outreach ambassadors on the road to meet, educate and talk with GP’s and Healthcare professionals all around the country.

We aim to educate over 10,000 GP’s by attending general practitioner events, providing resources for their patients and updating them via digital resources ongoing.

She Shares 

She Shares… afternoon tea, a mid-week movie night, entrées and a glass of wine. Most importantly, she shares experiences, understanding thoughts and supportive advice. At Pink Hope, we are dedicated to providing personalised support for at-risk women and cherish the opportunity to have members of our community connect and come together!

Our She Shares events are a place for at-risk women to meet in a comfortable setting to share laughs, thoughts, questions, and advice. These events are held across the country and involve various activities and thoughtful interactions with others who truly know what’s up. These are fun events that spark meaningful conversation, while differing from the typical seriousness of a ‘session’-like meeting group.

No matter what stage you’re in of your journey, we’ve designed She Shares events to be a breath of fresh air- where sharing is completely up to you! Check our events page for a “She Shares” event in your area.

Online Support Groups

We moderate online community groups to ensure women at risk of breast and ovarian cancer, have everyday support to manage their risk.

Pink Hope Getaways

Because sometimes, a difficult road, leads to a beautiful destination… Pink Hope Getaways are an opportunity for deserving women within the community to spend a few days recharging, connecting and relaxing. This will be free of charge to each attendee.

Personalised Resources


Our tailored resources provide information to women and their families from “what questions to ask your doctor” to “tips on what to pack for hospital”.


Campaigns & Advocacy

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Bright Pink Lipstick Day is a Pink Hope awareness and education campaign that encourages everyone to talk about their family health history and learn more about their breast and ovarian cancer risk.


Pinky Promise

We empower best friends to have each others backs, when it comes to health.

Be Dense Aware

We have created a hub for women concerned about their breast density and subsequent risk, while ensuring all women have the tools and support they need to make an educated decision relating to personalised screening.