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Carrying a genetic predisposition or being at-risk of breast and ovarian cancer can have far-reaching medical, social, emotional, financial and physical implications for women and their families. In addition, within this high- risk group, these cancers often occur at much younger ages, and far more aggressively, making the gravity of the situation even more confronting.
Pink Hope provides programs and support services to empower high risk women and their families with expert information, the latest research and peer support so they can manage their increased cancer risk and guide future generations in their families to do the same.
In partnership with experts, doctors and geneticists, EduEvenings are an online week-day evening event held live for the community. You will hear from an expert about a specific topic that directly impacts upon your high risk journey.

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Pink Hope’s peer support program offers increased risk women the opportunity to connect online with others in a safe and supportive environment, ask questions about their journey and the experiences of others to help them feel confident, supported and informed in the choices they make regarding their health.

Ask Our Genetic Counsellor is a Pink Hope program that allows people to submit questions relating to their risk of breast and ovarian cancer to a qualified Genetic Counsellor. This tool provides a great opportunity for women unsure of their risk to submit a question without the overwhelm of attending a GP clinic to get a referral, or for women who need clarity on an element of their risk.

Pink Hope’s GP Education Program aims to connect with 10,000 GPs and non-genetics trained healthcare professionals by providing genetic healthcare information on the Pink Hope website, resources and materials for their patients and attending general practitioner events.

Pink Hope’s Information and Support Days are for families at increased risk of breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. These events feature expert speakers providing information and research, personal stories as well as provide a time and space for high risk families to connect in person. Information & Support Days are held nationally, and in 2019, we hosted events in NSW, VIC, WA, Tasmania, and ACT.
“Such a powerful, informative and inspiring day. So thankful for the opportunity to connect with others going through the same life choices.”

Our She Shares events are a place for women to meet in person in a comfortable setting to provide and receive peer support through shared stories, as well as shared laughs, thoughts, questions, and advice. These are small events held in a casual and relaxed space hosted by Pink Hope Outreach Ambassadors.This is an invaluable service, creating personal connections between our Pink Hope Community when so many women feel as though no one in their circle truly understands what it is they are going through.
“What a fantastic afternoon. Delightful ladies who bravely and willingly shared their stories.”

Pink Hope Outreach Ambassadors have navigated the journey, so are equipped to provide individualised support to other at-risk families while also educating, connecting and empowering healthcare professionals and the general community.

The Pink Hope website contains accredited medical and scientific information for those wanting to learn more about their breast and ovarian cancer risk and genetics. The resources section of the website includes question kits, videos, tips and blogs providing valuable resources for those at increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

The need for this program:
Many women in the Pink Hope community are facing very challenging and difficult times related to their health. To support these women, Pink Hope created Pink Hope Getaways where they would have the opportunity to spend a long weekend relaxing and connecting in a small group with other women in similar circumstances.

Pink Hope Getaways are free retreats for women within our community to spend a few days recharging, connecting and relaxing. Priority is given to women who have experienced health hardships and who are active in the Pink Hope community.

This program is funded by Girls Getaways through their Holidays for Hope events.
The need for this program:
Increasing numbers of young women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer were reaching out to Pink Hope looking for a way to connect with others in the same situation. Due to their young age they felt the other organisations supporting women with breast cancer did not met their needs, nor address the headspace in which a lot of these young women were at. This led to the creation of the Pink Hope Young Women Support Group.

The Pink Hope Young Women Support Group is an online peer support group for women aged 32 and under who have been diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer or diagnosed with a high-risk of developing these diseases. This group is a place for sharing information, providing resources and peer to peer support.