Adriana’s Story

17 Sep 2014 by Krystal Barter


My name is Adriana, this is my Pink Hope Story.

When I was 15 my Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was in year 9 and mum had called me during class to tell me about the terrible news. I think with the shock of it all she forgot that I was at school.

That day my life was forever changed, I had no idea what to think and I broke down in tears. From that moment on I felt as though no one understood me. I had to grow up quickly, attend operations, chemo and be by my mums side. I couldn’t speak much to Mum during that period; I was in denial about everything. I would lock myself in my room and watch True Blood & Moonlight and would think it would all just go away if I focused on my two favourite TV shows.

For me the hardest part was watching my mum loose her hair and breasts I felt like I had lost everything and wondered who was this person? Where did my mum go? By the time I had finally come to terms with things life flipped into crazy all over again. My mum had a pre cancer on the other side and had to under go another operation for her other breast to be removed.

That was 7 years ago and sadly you don’t ever forget about cancer! My mum does worry about certain pains and aches. Cancer is something that my mum and our family will live with forever. You can’t just forget it.

Adriana 1

I am so glad to have my mum with me, this journey although tough allowed us to travel overseas together which is something that at 15 I never thought possible. I love you mum.

During this difficult and emotional time I felt as though I had no one to speak to about my feelings and what I was going through. My friends didn’t want to hear about it anymore.

So, I hope that by sharing my story and opening up about feeling alone other young people out there know that they are not alone.


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