Alisi’s Story

18 Feb 2020 by Krystal Barter
Alisi’s Story

When I think back to before my diagnosis, I was always tired, bloated and had irregular periods but never thought anything of it.

Then, two years ago, I was diagnosed with Grade Three Ovarian Cancer.

The cancer had spread throughout my reproductive system which meant I had to have a full hysterectomy and unfortunately none of my eggs could be saved. I also had to have my large bowel removed.

The hardest part has been coming to terms with the fact that I can never conceive my own child, at only 27 years old. It launched me into a deep depression and anxiety.

But with the help of a clinical psychologist, my friends, family and even strangers… I have learnt to appreciate the little things in life again. And even to appreciate being a woman in a new way.

Just because you can’t have your own biological child doesn’t make you any less of a woman.

This year marks my 2nd year of remission. I honestly never thought I would be where I am now, but I believe things happen in life for a reason. Now I am so passionate about raising awareness and speaking about my journey to help women to make Ovarian Cancer known and to ensure women are aware of its symptoms.

I have been given a second chance in life – and a renewed purpose.

It’s an emotional roller coast and its okay to not be okay sometimes. But my advice is to reach out for support – friends, family and especially to others who are going through the same ordeal. You are never a burden.

Despite being in an uncertain situation at times; I choose to live and love each day that I have to the fullest.



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