Public and Private Family Cancer Clinics

If you are concerned about your family history of cancer please contact our Pink Hope Genetic Counsellor and consult your GP or a Family Cancer Clinic.

What do family cancer clinics provide?
Family cancer clinics provide an assessment of a family history of cancer and provide information and support to help individuals and families regarding:

  • A personalised level of cancer risk
  • Recommendations regarding how individuals can manage any increased cancer risk
  • Understanding the chance a hereditary gene may be involved in causing their family history
  • Facilitating genetic testing where appropriate

The majority of Family Cancer Clinics are delivered as part of the public hospital system however there are some private cancer genetic service providers. As this is a specialist area of medicine a referral is required from a GP or other specialist doctor. Family Cancer Clinics services delivered in the public system are delivered with no direct cost to the patient for a consultation.

Who needs to attends a family cancer clinic?
There are National Guidelines regarding the eligibility for referral to a Family Cancer Clinic. This does not mean all these people have an increased cancer risk or require a genetic test. It is rather to help triage families who may benefit from a more detailed assessment of their family health history.

If you have a family history of cancer, it can be tricky to know what to do next. You can complete the Know Your Risk Tool which will provide guidance regarding whether you may be eligible to be seen by a Family Cancer Clinic, or you can speak to your GP.

How can you attend a family cancer clinic?
In most cases you will need a referral from a doctor to attend a Family Cancer Clinic. It is best to speak to you GP, physician or surgeon in the first instance as they may be able to provide advice to you about your risks as well as guide you about whether you may benefit from an assessment by a Family Cancer Clinic. In some states you can telephone direct to self refer but you may still need to obtain a referral before you attend an appointment. When you attend a clinic you may see a Genetic Counsellor, Medical Geneticist and other medical specialists.

Where are the clinics located?
Public Family Cancer Clinics are located throughout Australia – for your closest family cancer clinic click here.

Private Cancer Genetic Service Providers
Below is a list of private cancer genetic service providers. Please contact each service for their referral requirements and consultation charges. Some services may be able to provide bulk billed tele-health consultations.

New South Wales
Sydney Cancer Genetics
Dr Hilda High
PO Box 845
Broadway NSW 2007
Phone: 02 8964 9977
Fax: 02 8095 9421
Email: info@sydneycancergenetics.com.au
Website: www.sydneycancergenetics.com.au

Brisbane Genetics
Dr Michael Gattas
Wesley Medical Centre
Suite 28, Level 2, 40 Chasely Street
Auchenflower QLD 4066
Phone: 07 3217 8244
Fax: 07 3217 8255
Website: www.brisbanegenetics.com.au

South Australia
Dr Jaqui Adams
Adelaide Haematology and Oncology
Phone: 08 8463-2500
Website: www.aoah.com.au

Western Australia
Sarah O’Sullivan
WOMEN Centre
Suite 20, 2 McCourt Street
West Leederville WA 6007
Phone: 08 9468 5188
Email: genetics@womencentre.com.au
Website: www.womencentre.com.au

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