When Not to Use This Tool

This tool is specifically designed for women with no personal history of cancer and with only a family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer. This assessment tool is a general guide only and does not replace specialist advice.

If you have a family history that includes other types of cancer in your close relatives DO NOT use this tool. We recommend you use our Kiss and Tell resources to record your family history and take the information to your doctor for further advice. This does not mean you have a high risk of other cancers rather this tool cannot assess all patterns of risk.

If you have ever had a past history of benign breast disease, you should check with your doctor first before using this tool. This does not mean that any benign breast cyst will increase your risk but there are some types of breast changes that require closer follow up which this tool cannot take into account.

If you have had ovarian problems, then you should also check with your doctors first before using this tool, although most simple ovarian cysts do not impact on ovarian cancer risk.

If you do not know the health history of your relatives DO NOT use this tool as it will not be able to provide correct advice.

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