Support for Men

Being at increased risk can raise questions and concerns for men as well as for women. There are a variety of supports that Pink Hope offer men to help adjust to learning about their genetic cancer risk and the implications for their family.

Online Support Groups

Pink Hope’s Online Support Groups can be found on Facebook. There is an Online Support Group for men allowing you to connect with other at increased risk men giving you the opportunity to give and receive peer to peer support. Members share their experiences and ask and answer questions gaining support and information from other at increased risk individuals.

How much and how often you wish to participate in these groups is your choice. Some members are very active while others less so. The group is there for you to use in the way that provides you with the support you need.

Please note members are required to abide by the Group Guidelines which are published in each group.

How to Join the Pink Hope Online Support Group

  1. Select the Mens Online Support Group:
  2. Click join.
  3. Read the private message sent by the Group Administrator – Facebook may move this message to your Filtered folder. To find your Filtered folder in Facebook click Messages then More then Filtered. To find your Filtered folder in Messenger click Settings then People then Message Requests then See Filtered Requests.
  4. Follow the instructions in the private message including registering with the Pink Hope database.
  5. Read and follow the Group Guidelines and enjoy sharing and supporting others.

For assistance joining the Online Support Groups or for further information please email the Pink Hope Programs Manager, Sue Jones,

Peer to Peer Support

Pink Hope offers one on one peer support to men who are at increased of breast cancer via referring them to the Cancer Council Victoria’s Gene Connect program. This telephone based program allows men to be matched with a man who has similar risk factors and has received training as a peer support provider. As part of the Gene Connect program you are able to receive support from another increased risk man who has experienced a similar journey.

Cancer Council Victoria’s Gene Connect program is located in Victoria but is set up to facilitate support nationally. So wherever you are located in Australia you will be able to participate in the Gene Connect Program to receive peer support.

To access this program click here.

Ask Our Genetic Counsellor

Ask Our Genetic Counsellor is a Pink Hope service that allows you to submit questions relating to your family history of cancer or risk to our qualified Genetic Counsellor. You may be determining if you are at-risk, considering genetic testing or learning about ways to reduce your risk.

To access the Ask Our Genetic Counsellor program click here.

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