EduEvening ~ What’s new in ovarian cancer prevention and detection

What’s new in ovarian cancer prevention and detection.

Join us for an evening of education and engagement during a live online event where we provide you with the opportunity to hear directly from an expert on the topics that we know are important to you. 

At this EduEvening, Dr Greg Gard, Gynaecological Oncologist, will speak specifically about Ovarian Cancer. Dr Gard will discuss the latest in ovarian cancer prevention and detection. Following the presentation, we will open the floor to those registered online and provide the opportunity to have all your questions answered by Dr Gard. 

Date:Wednesday 24th June

Time:8pm (AEST) 

Length: 45 minutes 

Price: Free, registration is required to ask questions 

Format: Online Webinar and Facebook Live Stream 

You will learn: 

  • Ovarian Cancer: What makes early detection so difficult? 
  • How can you lower your risk of developing ovarian cancer? 
  • What advances can we expect to see in ovarian cancer detection?

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Disclaimer: The information shared during a Pink Hope webinar or EduEvening is intended to inform, educate and empower our High-Risk community. Each webinar or EduEvening contains general health advice, and it is the responsibility of all individuals to discuss what is most appropriate for them with their healthcare team.