Pink Hope ~ Theatre Fundraiser

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Join us on Saturday 18th November @ 2pm for Pink Hope Theatre Fundraiser Event

All Tickets $45 per Person

About the Show:

The Memory of Water  revolves around a funeral. The chief mourners are three eccentric sisters with little in common; each rooted in their own vulnerabilities – the unhealthy legacies of their childhood from their mother they’ve come to bury. The two men in attendance– one married; one a lover – try helplessly to keep things on track in this rapid-fire comedy.

A ghost story? Not really. A tragedy? Yes, in that all daughters and mothers who fail to successfully navigate the troubling shores of love and antagonism also tend to fail to develop future healthy connections in love or otherwise. A comedy? Definitely! Laughter is as much a guest at this funeral as grief.

Shelagh Stephenson’s award winning play is larger than life and slightly knockabout, spiced with enough weed and whisky to draw out both laughs and recriminations but spins a delicate treatise on human nature with gentleness and precision. It delights. It raises issues. It is a rousing evening of truly alive, and lively, theatre.

Our Artistic Director is Richard Sarell, previous Director of Blue HeelersNeighbours, Home and Away and Hobson’s Choice.

There is a stellar professional cast including Karla Hillam (Wentworth, Offspring), Carissa McAllen (Paper Giants, Neighbours, Evie Wants a Baby), Ana Mitsikas (Newton’s Law, Neighbours, MTC “Merrily We Roll Along”) and others

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