Gabriella’s Story

25 Mar 2020 by Krystal Barter
Gabriella’s Story

I always knew that something wasn’t quite right. I lost my mum to breast cancer when I was 17 and sadly, her mum had passed away of ovarian cancer in her late 30s.

A few years after Mum passed away, I went to my OBGYN and did a saliva test to check for a genetic mutation. The test came back positive for a BRCA1 mutation. I was young, but I knew even then that in the future I would have prophylactic surgery and a reconstruction. It was a no-brainer for me, as it meant reducing my chance of developing breast cancer from 87% to nearly 5%.

All my life I had planned to have children before my mastectomy, as I’d dreamed of breast-feeding them. I also knew that one day I’d have to have a hysterectomy.

Before I knew it, I was 25 and graduating uni – and with a boyfriend who I thought was the one. But of course, life doesn’t always go to plan.

We ended up breaking up and I was heartbroken. Then as fate would have it, I would lose my father within a month to Non Hodgkins Lymphoma.

He was diagnosed early September and passed away in October. It was one of the most difficult years of my life.

Being 25 without parents completely changed me. Suddenly, I felt ready to do the surgery.

As soon as I found a breast surgeon and plastic surgeon that I trusted, I booked in my procedures – a Stage 2 Double Mastectomy with reconstruction and expanders.

Today I’m on day four of my recovery! And there’s one thing that I know for sure – you are the only one in charge of your body.

I am proud of the decision that I made, for myself and my future children. It wasn’t easy, but you are never alone.


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