Gemma’s Story: The Start of my BRCA Journey

27 Sep 2019 by Krystal Barter
Gemma’s Story: The Start of my BRCA Journey

I had my first breast MRI last week.

To be honest it was a difficult experience mentally, I think because I went into it totally unprepared.

I have had MRI’S the previous year on my head and wrist and those were so simple but this breast MRI was overwhelming and more emotional than I expected.

After I left the appointment, I got in my car and cried.

But now it’s done, another step taken and I have my follow up appointment next week, I’m actually excited about this appointment because I will be talking about surgery options with my doctor.

It’s a strange thing to be excited about but I am looking forward to getting more questions answered, I am excited about having a surgery date set so I can start preparing for it both mentally and otherwise.

I believe in respecting a person’s right to make choices about their own body.

I follow a few girls on social media that are in the same position as me but further along in their journey and I am eager to get to that point too even though I have a long road ahead of me, I’m focusing on the other side of it- when breast cancer isn’t a dark cloud hanging over my head.

I have had such immense support from family, friends and even people I haven’t seen in years after putting my story out there but one other new thing I faced recently was a negative comment from a “friend” about my choice to have surgery.

She told me that the surgery is unnecessary and that a certain diet will protect me from cancer.

This comment annoyed me because I believe in respecting a person’s right to make choices about their own body.

I know my decision is the right one for me, I’m happy with my choice and I know in my heart that if my mum had the chance to be tested, she would’ve had the surgery too and she’d probably still be around today.

I feel like by having the surgery, I’m taking some control over my life and future rather than just sitting back and waiting to see if I get breast cancer.

I won’t be listening to negative comments – I’m ready for this journey to becoming a #previvor – bring it on!


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