Become an Outreach Ambassador

Learn about becoming a Pink Hope outreach ambassador and the impact you will make.

Pink Hope Outreach Ambassadors are members of the Pink Hope Community that take an active role in supporting and promoting Pink Hope. 

They provide vital support to other increased-risk women in our community and play an extremely important role in enabling Pink Hope to reach more families. Our Outreach Ambassadors have navigated the journey, so are better equipped to provide individualised support – while also educating, connecting and empowering healthcare professionals and the general community.

I became a Pink Hope Outreach Ambassador to support other women like me. I am passionate about ensuring that no increased-risk family feels alone or does not know where to turn for information or support. Lisa

Outreach Ambassadors represent the values and beliefs of Pink Hope by:

  1. Sharing the positive message of Pink Hope throughout their community
  2. Informing the general community about risk and family health history
  3. Informing, supporting and inspiring increased-risk women and their families
  4. Supporting Pink Hope initiatives
  5. Educating Healthcare professionals about Pink Hope and being at risk of breast/ovarian cancer

Pink Hope Outreach Ambassadors commit to:

  • Sharing – Sharing their story on the Pink Hope website
  • Support – Being an active member of the Pink Hope Support Groups
  • Represent– Pink Hope in media and at events
  • Participate – In campaigns and any suitable fundraising activities
  • Follow – Pink Hope on all social media channels and commit to actively engaging and commenting
  • Encourage- HealthCare Professionals to be educated around the Pink Hope community and resources we offer.

Become a Volunteer or Ambassador