Collaborate with Pink Hope

We are digitally savvy, connected everyday with our community and innovative in how we approach activations.

When we align on partnerships and activations it is a collaboration. We work together to create engaging, authentic and meaningful initiatives that focus on our mission and our community.


Make an Impact through investing in prevention.

Financial support is the fuel that makes Pink Hope what it is today. We invest this essential funding into our life-saving prevention programs, digital content, support services, digital education and advocacy initiatives.

Case Studies:

Breast Density: Actionable Change – 60+ million media impressions over 2 years

Aim: a) to raise actionable awareness to women about the importance of breast density b) highlight to government the lack of investment and action in this space c) to ensure women have the right over their own body and the knowledge they need to be proactive.

Should we tell women? Pink Hope Blog

Game Changing Gene Test- 25+ million media impressions in 2 days and achieved industry change within 2 weeks. 

Pink Hope launched Australia’s cheapest private genetic test for identifying the BRCA gene mutation linked to breast and ovarian cancer.

Aim: a) to reduce local testing prices b) become the competition and push private providers testing prices down c) raise the profile of gene testing in Australia

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Why we are we different?

We may be Pink but we are unique… At Pink Hope we believe collaboration is key to successful activations. The not for profit space is at times cluttered and we definitely stand out in the crowd. Pink Hope offers a unique opportunity to work with our organisation on a national level, in a space that for so long has been overlooked “preventative health”. The Angelina Jolie effect has truly kicked in on a global level and we are acknowledged as one of the leading international organisations with a unique focus on breast and ovarian cancer risk and prevention.
We are very fortunate to have a strong heritage and digital brand that we engage with over 200,000+ followers daily.

It’s all about our community and how it benefits them….Pink Hope and our activations raise much-needed funds for our prevention programs, support services, digital education content and advocacy initiatives… but there is still much more we can do with your support.

Help families take control of their breast and ovarian risk by coming on board as one of our partners. Contact us

Support us with your pro-bono investment….If you are a brand or corporate business who may not have the financial means to contribute to our organisation but still would like to be engaged and supportive. We can create a pro-bono or in-kind partnership, utilising your staff, services and/or products in an effective means that will make a positive impact to our organisation and our work.

Engage your staff….We have national supporters who work in the corporate environment and often they love what we do and so do their employees.. so you can set up a “workplace giving program”. By offering to match your employee’s contributions you are inspiring and supporting your staff in their philanthropic endeavors.

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