Educational Videos

Our education videos provide information and interviews with healthcare professionals.

The following videos provide information and interviews with healthcare professionals.Pink Hope has produced two videos to answer some frequently asked questions in relation to genes and genetic testing.

The BRCA Gene Fault
Interview by Krystal Barter with a Genetic Counsellor

  • Genetic testing and eligibility
  • The role of Family Cancer Clinics
  • Sharing a gene fault diagnosis with your family
Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Women at a High Risk of Breast and Ovarian Cancer
with Krystal Barter and Ambassadors with a Genetic Counsellor

  • Inconclusive results
  • Inheriting gene faults
  • Screening after a mastectomy
  • Ovarian cancer risk and options
  • Telling children about a BRCA/high risk family history

Pink Hope has produced a number of videos with medical and healthcare experts.

Genetic Counsellor for Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Jessica Duffy, Genetic Counsellor

  • Genetic testing
  • Role of a genetic counsellor
  • Emotions when dealing with genetic testing and results
Breast Cancer Gene Fault Information
Dr Lesley Andrews, Genetics Associate

  • The role of DNA
  • Breast cancer gene faults
  • Gene testing and results
Family Expert Talks About Pre Implantation Genetic Diagnosis
Dr David Greening, Fertility Specialist

  • What is Pre Implantation Genetic diagnosis
  • The benefits and complications
  • How to start the treatment
Genetic Testing and Insurance Discrimination
Professor Kris Barlow-Stewart, Genetics Education

  • Insurance discrimination
Preventative Mastectomies and Reconstruction
Dr Garry Buckland, Plastic Surgeon

  • Preventive mastectomies
  • Surgery process and outcome
  • What to expect with the reconstruction process
The Role of a Breast Care Nurse
Wendy Chadbourne, Breast Care Nurse

  • Discusses the role of a Breast Care Nurse
  • How a Breast Care Nurse can help high risk women

The videos below are informative interviews with high risk women.

Krystal’s Story

  • Testing positive for the BRCA1 gene fault
  • Creating Pink Hope
Megan’s Story

  • DCIS diagnosis
  • Testing inconclusive for the BRCA gene faults
Belinda’s Story

  • Testing positive for the BRCA2 gene fault
  • Making the decision to have preventative surgery

Following is the 60 Minutes episode featuring the stories of Krystal Barter and Stacey Gadd.

Breaking the Curse It’s a family curse handed down from generation to generation. And there’s only one radical way to stop it. The two young women you’re about to meet are just starting out in life, but there’s a huge shadow hanging over them. Stacey Gadd’s only 22, Krystal Barter is 25. They’ve watched their mothers and grandmothers fight breast cancer. And they know they could be next. Both have inherited a genetic flaw which is likely, sooner or later, to cause cancer. But Stacey and Krystal aren’t going to wait, they’ve decided to act now. A decision they hope and pray the next generation will never have to face.

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