Webinars & Edu Evenings

In partnership with experts, doctors and geneticists, EduEvenings are an online week-day evening event held live for the community. You will hear from an expert about a specific topic that directly impacts upon your high risk journey

Pink Hope Webinars and Edu-Evenings provide the community with access to a range of medical doctors and experts to explore a range of topics which impact the community at an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Each webinar and Edu-Evening operates as an online event, allowing the Pink Hope community, regardless of their geographic location, to grow their knowledge on the latest scientific, medical, psychological and lifestyle-related developments within the high risk space.

Whilst webinars operate as a way for experts to present a large amount of information in one setting, Edu-Evenings are designed to encourage the community to come prepared with their burning questions to ensure they are as educated, motivated and empowered to #knowtheirrisk

Cancer care in a COVID world – What’s happening now and what to expect
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