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11 Nov 2016 by Krystal Barter

Pink Hope’s Glimmer of Hope program aims to support the women and families within our at-risk community at a time when they are going through surgery, treatment or caring for a family member.

This Glimmer of Hope was made possible with the support of Eat Fit Food. To learn more about Eat Fit Food see their website,

Mary’s Story


Mary began undertaking regular mammograms at 50 and during this time Lifepool contacted her to participate in research. The outcome of this was that Mary discovered she carried a BRCA2 gene mutation, something she was not expecting. She then undertook high risk screening where it was discovered she had DCIS (ducted carcinoma in situ) in her right breast. Several months later she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed and began taking Tamoxifen daily to reduce her breast cancer risk as she prepared for a double mastectomy. This surgery is scheduled for September 2016.

Mary’s Glimmer of Hope
Mary has a teenage daughter and elderly Father both of whom live with her. With the support of Eat Fit Food Pink Hope is able to support Mary with a Glimmer of Hope consisting of Eat Fit Food fresh healthy meals to help her while she recovers from her surgery. Having Eat Fit Food deliver healthy meals during her recovery will reduce her workload and ensure she is eating nutritious foods.

A Message from Mary
“Thank you Eat Fit Food and Pink Hope. The type of surgery I’m having is quite lengthy as is the recovery. Knowing I have healthy meals being provided during my recovery will make life so much easier for me and help me rest. I really appreciate this Glimmer of Hope.”

If you are a company interested in contributing to the Glimmer of Hope program please contact us.


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