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09 Feb 2017 by Krystal Barter

Pink Hope’s Glimmer of Hope program aims to support the women and families within our at-risk community at a time when they are going through surgery, treatment or caring for a family member.

This Glimmer of Hope was made possible with the support of Eat Fit Food. To learn more about Eat Fit Food see their website,

Nicole’s Story


Nicole is at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer based on her family health history. Two of her sisters have been diagnosed with breast cancer. After advice from a Genetic Counsellor, screening for several years and considerable research Nicole chose to have a risk reducing double mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction.

Nicole’s Glimmer of Hope
Nicole has unfortunately suffered considerable complications and infections as a result of her surgery. With the support of Eat Fit Food Pink Hope is able to provide Nicole with a Glimmer of Hope consisting of Eat Fit Food fresh healthy meals to help her as she recovers. This is especially helpful as her husband has returning to full time work.

A Message from Nicole
“Thank you so much Eat Fit Food and Pink Hope. I have been struggling to eat properly and prepare food now my husband has returned to work. The set back of infection has meant that I have worked my way through all my prepared food so this will really help me and my family.”

If you are a company interested in contributing to the Glimmer of Hope program please contact us.


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