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22 Feb 2016 by Krystal Barter

Pink Hope’s Glimmer of Hope program aims to support the women and families within our at-risk community at a time when they are going through surgery, treatment or caring for a family member.

This Glimmer of Hope was made possible with the support of Eat Fit Food. To learn more about Eat Fit Food see their website,

Sasha’s Story

Sasha and Dogs

Sasha’s journey began with the sudden loss of her older sister in 2002. She was only 31 and due to her sudden death a coroner’s inquest was held and this included an autopsy – the autopsy revealed that both her breasts were ‘riddled’ with breast cancer and an extremely aggressive secondary tumor had developed around her heart causing it to stop. Sasha then spoke to her GP and Breast Cancer Queensland. By researching her family health history she found many cases of breast cancer on her mother’s side of the family. Sasha undertook surveillance and risk reducing medication for several years while investigating risk reducing surgery options and determining if she wanted to reduce her risk through surgery. In 2015 she decided she did want to undertake risk reducing surgery and went on the public hospital waiting list and in late February 2016 will undertake a risk reducing double mastectomy with reconstruction.

Sasha’s Glimmer of Hope
With the support of Eat Fit Food Pink Hope is able to support Sasha with a Glimmer of Hope consisting of Eat Fit Food fresh healthy meals to help her while she recovers from her risk reducing mastectomy and reconstruction. Sasha’s surgery involves using her own tissue for reconstruction and this type of surgery requires a longer recovery and healing time. Sasha’s Dad is travelling from New Zealand to help out while Sasha is recovering at home and not being a confident cook having healthy Eat Fit Food meals provided will reduce his workload and allow him to focus on the other aspects of caring for his daughter.

A Message from Sasha
“This is one of the hardest things I have ever had to write; not for any bad or negative reasons but because I am so touched by this wonderful gift Pink Hope has given me. My first thoughts were that it must be a mistake or that I should respectfully refuse so that it could be offered to someone ‘more deserving’ than myself. I was so overwhelmed by the generosity and support given to me by Pink Hope that it took me a little bit to process this amazing gift. I called my Dad right away and he was as blown away as I was. It wasn’t until that conversation and hearing the relief in his voice that I realised just how worried Dad had been about cooking for me. As my only carer post-surgery cooking will be his primary task and at 72 he isn’t the most confident cook so this has lifted a huge weight off his shoulders and made me realise how important this gift is, not just for me but also for him and his peace of mind. This wonderful gift means that we won’t have to worry about shopping and cooking (probably me directing and getting frustrated and him doing the cooking and getting flustered and stressed!). It means we’ll both be able to rest and focus on all the other aspects of my recovery. Having healthy fresh food delivered to us will mean I can continue to focus on giving my body the best fuel possible for my recovery without the added stress of trying to figure out what to make and how! It means Dad and I won’t have to rely on take aways, frozen, instant or super basic meals which is just fantastic. I cannot express my gratitude fully enough for this wonderful kindness from Pink Hope and I look forward to continuing to be an active member of this amazing, supportive and caring group of women.”

If you are a company interested in contributing to the Glimmer of Hope program please contact us.


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