Healthy Eating and Good Hygiene

10 May 2020 by Krystal Barter
Healthy Eating and Good Hygiene

Good nutrition and hygiene are important for patients before and after their cancer treatment. Nutrition is a process in which food is taken in and used by the body for growth as well as replacing tissue. This is why eating the right kinds of foods can help patients feel stronger, happier and healthier throughout their cancer journey.

A healthy diet consists of eating balanced wholesome meals and snacks consisting of sufficient vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fats and plenty of water. However, for many patients, cancer treatments make it difficult to eat well.

Daily strategies can be implemented to help improve healthy eating, including having a food diary, planning out meals for the day and having a loved one with you for meal times.
Good hygiene practices help maintain health and reduce the spread of disease. This can be a challenging task for those with young children at home.

Mouth health is particularly important for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Everybody knows the importance of brushing your teeth, however it is the little things which we often forget, such as changing your toothbrush regularly, which can optimise and maintain good personal health.

Below are some useful links to help understand the importance of good nutrition and hygiene for cancer patients.


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