Jessie’s Story

15 Sep 2017 by Krystal Barter

My name is Jessie. This is my story.

One word to sum up what a best friend is: SISTERS.
My sisters are my soul.
The ones who I would cry with, smile with and laugh with till it hurt. We have each others back.

sisters2Growing up there was always one piece of the puzzle missing though. Dads mum: tall, strong willed, and above all beautiful. If there is one thing … well maybe two things for me. Is that as sisters we all have the hearts of a lion like she did and perhaps I have her tall genes…

Our whole lives we grew up not knowing what our future held. A story yet untold. In 2015 it all started with one conversation with my sister Julie. Both she along with my eldest sister undertook genetic testing at the Peter Mac Familial Cancer Clinic after it became apparent there was a link to my grandmother, her son (my dad) and her two daughters.

At the time I was only 25 years of age. Both of my sisters undertook genetic testing and tested positive for the BRCA gene mutation. I was at a stage in my life where I wasn’t ready to know.
Life over the last few years has definitely been a roller coaster to say the least but I can finally say I came out the other end shining.

So in July 2017 I walked through the same doors that my sisters had at Peter Mac with both of them by my side and like a true super star I undertook genetic testing for the BRCA gene mutation.

The wait to be honest has been the hardest; the unknown. With my sisters and Pink Hope I have found strength. In August I have an appointment to receive my results.

I just know that whatever the outcome is I am not going to be in this alone.


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