Kate’s Story

21 Aug 2018 by Krystal Barter
Kate’s Story

My life was a walking cliché when it came to breast cancer and the facts.

“It won’t happen to me.”

“I’m too young, I’m only 34.”

“I have no family history, no one in my family has died from cancer.”

“I’m vegan, I don’t eat junk food.”

“I’m extremely active, I go to the gym at least twice a week.”

“I don’t drink or smoke and never have.”

When I felt something wasn’t right in February 2014, on my one year wedding anniversary, I took myself off to my local GP and the next day I found myself at a BC specialist. I remember the words vividly, “You will know when I’m concerned” the specialist coldly remarked….and that was the start of my ‘Hamburger with the Lot’ treatment for stage 3C HER2+.

  • Steps 1- 6 of IVF
  • mastectomy and node clearance
  • chemotherapy
  • radiation
  • DIEP flap reconstruction
  • and numerous follow up reconstructions


I’m 4 years into my 7-10 year plan of shutting down my ovaries with daily medication and monthly injections. I’m still trying to find my new normal. Friends are having children while I’m dealing with forced menopause. I lost 2 girlfriends to cancer in one week and  I have great days and I have terrible days. HOWEVER,  I want to be here- so my purpose now is to talk about breast cancer.

I still believe in the cliché, “Trust your gut” because “cancer doesn’t discriminate”.


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