Liana’s Story

16 Apr 2018 by Krystal Barter
Liana’s Story

My name is Liana, I am 29 years old & I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer last July whilst pregnant.

Before my diagnosis I was fit and healthy. I had run marathons and I ate a healthy, mostly organic diet. I am not a carrier of the genetic gene for this disease and given my age I had no obvious risk factors! The only risk that I can think of is that cancer does not discriminate.

The news of my diagnosis was delivered to us exactly one week after hearing our baby’s heartbeat for the first time. A couple of months earlier I had a miscarriage of our first pregnancy, this was truly devastating so you could imagine how excited we were to hear that this little baby was healthy.

The week following my diagnosis all I could think about was keeping our healthy baby. I remember praying to God & begging him that I would not lose my baby & miraculously my prayers were soon answered.

I was blessed with the most amazing medical team that you could ever imagine. They developed a plan that meant I could receive my treatment & safely continue my pregnancy. At 12 weeks I had surgery to remove the cancer in my breast and lymph node and when I reached second trimester I was able to commence chemotherapy. Fortunately, once you reach second trimester the placental barrier protects the baby from the toxic effects of certain chemotherapy drugs which included the treatments that I required.

Agreeing to have chemotherapy was very difficult on many levels however, I decided to put my faith in God & trust my medical team. I also knew I wanted our baby to have a mother & delaying my treatment until after my pregnancy meant my chance of survival would significantly decrease.

At 15 weeks I started chemotherapy & completed all rounds by 34 weeks. I was graced with a lot of strength from God through my journey which allowed me to stay positive & focused on our precious little baby.

On the 7th of February at 37 weeks we welcomed the most perfect & healthy little girl “Rose” into the world. She had a full set of hair (more than mummy!) & had perfect apgar scores!

Shortly after Rose was born I completed my treatment with a double mastectomy.

I have a 1 in 5 chance of cancer recurring elsewhere in my body but I’ve decided that’s not for me to worry about, I’ve chosen to put any burdens and worries in God’s hands & I now feel at peace with my future.


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