Lisa’s Story

24 Sep 2014 by Krystal Barter

Lisa Sampson

My name is Lisa. I am a Pink Hope Outreach Ambassador.  This is my story.

I was advised I was a BRCA2 gene carrier at the age of 22. I got the gene fault from my father. He died of bowel cancer in 1991 at age 41. Dad had three sisters who all had the BRCA2 gene. All have had double mastectomys. My dads parents also died of cancer. It is unknown if this was due to the BRCA2 gene.

I was under high risk surveillance at the Royal Melbourne Hospital for 8 years. That is MRI’s, ultrasounds, mammograms and physical check ups on a 6 monthly rotation. After I had children I decided I had waited long enough and in July 2012 I had the Bilateral Skin Sparring Nipple Removal Prophylactic Mastectomy. And now in January 2013 I have had the tissue expanders out (thank heavens) and the new implants in.

I have two kids, they are only young but I will get them both gene tested when they are older. And as for me I will get the ovaries removed at a later date. They are currently monitored via internal ultrasound every 2 years. I haven’t decided when they are out yet, one step at a time. But probably when I am closer to 40.

I’m doing good. This website is amazing. Keep sharing and supporting girls.


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