Member of the Month – Amber

08 Mar 2017 by Krystal Barter
Member of the Month – Amber

Amber and Family

Pink Hope’s Member of the Month program recognises a member of the Pink Hope community who supports and inspires other increased risk women and represents the mission of Pink Hope. 

Amber’s Member of the Month
Pink Hope is so proud to recognise Amber as member of the month. Amber has shared her story in the media, participated in the Bright Pink Lipstick Day campaign and held a fundraiser.

Amber’s Story
Amber was diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 years old and with three children under five. Since her diagnosis Amber has discovered, that although she does not carry the BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 gene mutation there does seem to be a family history, as her Aunty and Grandmother on her Dad’s side have also been diagnosed with the same type of breast cancer. They are currently undergoing genetic testing at Cabrini to try and detect and uncover a new gene mutation. Amber received chemotherapy and radiotherapy and is now being treated with hormone therapy, which have all been gruelling whilst trying to wrangle three young children. Amber is now considering risk reducing surgery and is currently on the waiting list to meet with a surgeon in Melbourne.

A Message from Amber
“I feel truly honoured to be selected as member for the month for Pink Hope. It was Pink Hope’s Bright Pink Lipstick Day campaign in 2015 that prompted me to get myself checked out and ultimately led to my breast cancer diagnosis. I will be forever grateful to Krystal and her team for the amazing work they do to ensure we all have access to the best tools to understand and evaluate our risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer. A massive thank you also to Emma and Roe. I had the pleasure of meeting the girls from Emma and Roe at the 2016 launch of Bright Pink Lipstick Day and was able to sincerely thank them for their sponsorship and continued support. They are a blessing. Remember that cancer doesn’t discriminate, I am a perfect example of this. Do everything you can to know your risk; your family are counting on you.”


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