Member of the Month – August

05 Aug 2017 by Krystal Barter
Member of the Month – August

Pink Hope’s Member of the Month program recognises a member of the Pink Hope community who supports and inspires other increased risk women and represents the mission of Pink Hope. 

Tenille’s Member of the Month
Pink Hope is so proud to recognise Tenille as member of the month. Tenille has fundraised, supported other high risk women and shared her story.

Tenille’s Story
Tenille realised that family history was a threat to herself after her mother, maternal aunts and grandmother were all diagnosed with breast cancer. Genetic counselling resulted in a low likelihood that the BRCA genes were at fault and instead the experts concluded that a yet unknown genetic factor was at play but did not lessen the likelihood that Tenille had an above average chance of following the family tradition and also getting breast cancer. At the age of 40, Tenille underwent a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction in April 2016. The surgeries and recovery are now a memory but the empowerment is felt each and every day, and Tenille has a new found confidence that her risk is under control.

A Message from Tenille
“I did not discover Pink Hope until I had undergone both of my surgeries and very much wish I’d had the wealth of support the community offers when I was making the decisions, recovering from surgery and suffering low moments. However, even post surgery the conversations have been important to my self-esteem and to realise I’m not alone.

I hope the insights I share are helpful to the next person on their journey. It is vital that the Pink Hope awareness messages reach as many Australians as possible and at the right time for them.

I’m very fortunate that my husband has been an incredible support, has become a strong advocate for risk reduction and is helping to raise money for the charity.”


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