Member of the Month – December

27 Nov 2017 by Krystal Barter
Member of the Month – December

Renee´s Story
Renee has known for 14 years that she carries the BRCA2 gene, inherited through her Dad’s side of the family. Four confirmed cases of breast cancer in two generations with her grandmother passing away at the age of 55. With the incredible support from her family she started her risk reducing surgery in June 2016 and had her ovaries removed. In March this year she had a Bilateral Nipple sparing mastectomy straight to implant. Renee feels extremely lucky that this knowledge has given her the opportunity to help manage her future and help educate her three daughters and others that carry the gene.

A Message from Renee
‘When I discovered I had the BRCA2 gene 14 years ago, there wasn’t a lot of information or support available, nobody really knew much about it until Angelina Jolie. I discovered Pink Hope about 12 months ago when I had my ovaries removed and I was looking for information or support groups that I could talk to about my family history. What an amazing group of individuals! Thank you for educating and empowering me any many other women to take charge of our health. You have helped me to encourage others to have an open conversation about their risk of ovarian & breast cancer. I held my first ‘Bright Pink Lipstick Day’ fundraiser this year and I look forward to hosting many more in the future’.


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