Member of the Month – Lindsey

02 Jun 2017 by Krystal Barter
Member of the Month – Lindsey

Pink Hope’s Member of the Month program recognises a member of the Pink Hope community who supports and inspires other increased risk women and represents the mission of Pink Hope. 

Lindsey’s Member of the Month
Pink Hope is so proud to recognise Lindsey as member of the month. Lindsey has shared her story, participated in social media campaigns and provided peer support through the Pink Hope online support groups.

Lindsey’s Story
Four years ago this September Lindsey tested positive to the BRCA1 genetic fault, which she feels was a blessing, rather than a curse. Her aunty passed away from cancer that originated in her breast only weeks earlier and she had lost her mother as a young child to the disease. Lindsey and her husband were starting their family and knew that the knowledge of the gene fault and risk reducing surgery could save their children from growing up without a mother. In December 2016 Lindsey underwent a risk reducing double mastectomy which significantly reduced her breast cancer risk.

A Message from Lindsey
“Pink Hope, thank you for embracing me as part of your community with such open arms. To be part of such a wonderful group of people is such a blessing and for that, I am so grateful. There have been times along this journey where I have felt somewhat isolated but since aligning myself with Pink Hope those feelings have completely disappeared. You have created such a wonderful organisation and I am proud and privileged to be a part of it.”


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