Member of the Month – October

27 Nov 2017 by Krystal Barter
Member of the Month – October

Julie´s Story
One Family. One Gene. One Conversation.

Over my life there was always one thing missing. My grandmother. Dads mum. A beautiful soul taken away way too young as a result of Breast Cancer.

In 2015 my dad was diagnosed with an agressive form of prostate cancer after a routine health screen with his GP. Which prompted me to start one conversation about my family history as it became apparent there was a link to breast cancer in the family. That same year with my best friend and sister both in our 20’s walked through the very same doors our family has done for many years at Peter Macallum. I still remember those words as if it was yesterday with hearts pounding the geneticist saying ” you both carry the brca1 gene mutation”. Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought Id be on this journey but there is one thing I have never been and that is alone. At the moment Im attending yearly screenings but have considered prophylactic surgery in the near future together with my sister. If theres one thing I have taken on and that is a ” you’ve got this”. Im not going to let it beat me.

A message from Julie
One word for Pink Hope: FAMILY. My back bone from day dot. My inspiration and My life.
I could´t have done this without the never ending support of some AMAZING women who have taught me to never give up and to hold my head high. There is no word to describe how honoured I feel to be a part of something that is saving lives. So thank you so so much for having such a big HEART. 


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