Pink Hope Bestie’s Q&A: Brodie and Tess

04 Jun 2018 by Krystal Barter
Pink Hope Bestie’s Q&A: Brodie and Tess

Our community is packed full of besties that have each other’s backs! These friends have been brought together through Pink Hope events, online conversations, and the fact of knowing they’re not alone. Throughout our Pinky Promise campaign, we’ll be featuring some Pink Hope BFFs that are ultimate bestie goals.

Meet Brodie and Tess!

  1. How did you both meet? 

B: Tess and I met through an Instagram post. Paige Previvor (Paige More) put a post up about connecting with other Breasties in your area. We both commented saying we were in Melbourne and decided to go to the Sydney Pink Hope meet up together!

T: We met in person at the Melbourne airport to fly to Sydney for a Pink Hope Event. We even rocked up to the airport in the same outfit and overnight bag. Instantly I knew we’d be besties.


  1. Tell us about the special connections/shared experiences you have with your bestie!

B: Tess and I have both had preventative surgery post BRCA gene testing. We had the pleasure of hosting the first She Shares event in Melbourne! It was such a blast to organise, and fantastic to meet all of the wonderful women who attended. Fingers crossed we can host another one together soon. 

T: We instantly connected through our experiences with our surgeries. We both wear our heart on our sleeves and we’re so open with each other instantly about our experiences, good times and tough times. 


  1. What qualities do you love about your bestie? 

B: After we first met at the Melbourne airport, I felt like I’d known Tess my whole life. She is kind and caring and was so supportive and understanding.  But most of all we were able to have a glass of wine and share many laughs. 

T: Her bubbly personality and how positive she is about life and challenges that she has had so far! She’s an inspiration to me and many other women.


  1. How do you support each other when it comes to health? 

B: Our story is a little different as we met each other after we both had our preventative surgery. Although we have supported each other through other surgeries along the way.

T: We are there for each other for support at any time, good or bad chats. But for me, to be able to speak to Brodie about absolutely anything makes me feel like we’ve known each other for years. We just mesh so well together! 


  1. What was it like hosting a Pink Hope event with each other? 

B: It was such a fantastic experience. We worked extremely well together, organising different aspects of the event. It also showed how passionate we both are about supporting at risk women and providing a safe environment to share stories and support each other. It was also surreal that only a few months prior, we hadn’t known each other, and here we were organising an event for at risk women to meet, just like we did. 

T: Amazing! Was such a massive highlight for us both to be able to co-host the event together and encourage and support all of the amazing woman in the Pink Hope Community! Through the laughs, smiles and cries these types of events are so important to both of us. 


  1. What is your favourite way of communicating with your bestie?(Insta, snap, text, etc.)

B: Instagram all the way! It’s the easiest way to send each other photos and tag each other in posts. 

T: Instagram for sure! Photo/DMs are the best.


  1. What would be your ideal BFF date/girls-night?

B: A night in with delicious food and wine, groovy music and great company. Just being able to spend time with the people in your life who support you and make you happy. 

T: Wine and some chats/laughs.


  1. Why is it important to make sure your bestie is on top of her health?

B: Life gets so busy that you end up forgetting about your health. It’s sometimes good to have a reminder and have someone check in to see how you’re going. Empowering your bestie to be on top of her health also means that you’re more aware of your own health. For me, it’s been great to have Tess, as there’s no judgement from either of us when it comes to discussing our health. We don’t have the need to justify how we are feeling, we both just get it! 

T: Besties are so important for each other. And I find it’s always good to check in on one another because you never know what life throws at you.  We all have good and bad days and the support is key for us moving forward in the direction we need. 

How good are friends?! We’re so happy to be able to share these stories and help BFF’s hold each other accountable for their health. Make sure to visit our Pinky Promise page to nominate your bestie for a chance to win Pink Hope’s Ultimate Bestie Giveaway!



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