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01 Nov 2018 by Krystal Barter

Throughout the year, Girls Getaways organises a series of travel meet ups and getaways designed for their clients to escape, indulge and relax on a weekend away or a holiday with 50% of proceeds going directly to Pink Hope.

We are so excited to announce that our first free getaway, which took place in Mornington Peninsula (October 26 – 28), for

Pink Hope community members was a success!

This weekend getaway was filled with relaxing massages, a delicious grazing platter and indulgent wine tours to ensure our members fully escaped, indulged and relaxed.

We cannot thank Girls Getaways enough for collaborating with us to provide our beautiful community with free getaway opportunities.

Our first testimonial can be read below.

How did you feel when you signed up for the Girls Getaways trip?

I was very excited but also very nervous! Having never met anyone from Pink Hope I was hesitant and worried that I would be an outsider but my experience ended up being the opposite of that.

What was the most impactful part of this trip for you?

The most impactful part was hearing everyone’s stories and the connections I made. We were all brought together with a common bond, but our stories and experiences were so unique. The trip was filled with such incredibly brave and wonderful women.

By listening to each story, I learnt the importance of taking it easy on myself. I also learnt that what I have been through is a big deal and I need to give myself the time and energy to reset and recharge.

If you had to summarise this weekend in one sentence what would that be?

Inspiring, empowering and fun.

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up for a Pink Hope X Girls Getaways trip?

Jump in and do it, you deserve this time! You’ll make lifelong friends and connections, and it will be an experience you will never forget.

By Rachel Watt – Pink Hope Member

To learn more and apply for upcoming getaways, https://pinkhope.org.au/events-type/pink-hope-getaway/


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