Sarah & Sarah’s Pinky Promise

09 Jun 2017 by Krystal Barter
Sarah & Sarah’s Pinky Promise

Meet Sarah & Sarah – Pink Hope Ambassadors who met & have forged a life long friendship & network of support for each other though Pink Hope.

We selected some of our greatest success stories to front our Pinky Promise Campaign. Women who met and connected through Pink Hope that then became life long besties. We are so proud that our organisation fosters those friendships…we have worked really hard to ensure our community is one of support, inspiration and sisterhood. We have got there and all the people within our community say they have never felt more supported or safe.

During the month of June we are calling all of you soul sisters, girl gangs and bffs…to make a promise to have each other’s back- Pledge that you will remind, keep on track and support your bestie when it comes to health and in return Pink Hope will support you both!


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