Shopping for a cause – How these Australian brands are paying it forward.

19 Oct 2020 by Pink Hope Team
Shopping for a cause – How these Australian brands are paying it forward.

Whilst raising awareness, knowledge and education about breast cancer is imperative, raising monetary funding is vital. Pink Hope is a non-for-profit charity that relies heavily on donations to help ensure every Australian family at risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer gets the resources and assistance they need.

Unfortunately, just being educated about the disease isn’t enough to make it disappear.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Pink Hope are thrilled to be partnering with two leading Australian, female-founded brands (CAW and ettitude) who will be generously donating a portion of their profits to help fight this deadly disease.

We spoke to both brands to find out why Pink Hope is important to them and how you can shop for an amazing cause.

Penny Tsiklas, Founder and Director CAW (Crystal Activated Water):

“Pink Hope resonates with me because it highlights how breast cancer doesn’t only affect older women, it can affect young women in the prime of their lives.

My mother in law was in her early 40s, working for an airline, living a fast-paced life when she discovered a 2.5cm lump in her breast. Thankfully she immediately went to get it checked and was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Early detection is vital and had she not found the lump and presented when she did, she wouldn’t be here. I am proud to say that today she is now 14 years cancer free, but I know other women aren’t so lucky.

Too often we as women prioritise ourselves last, everything is more important, the husband, the kids, even the dog!  We always put ourselves at the bottom of the list and often push back or cancel important doctor’s appointments. Breast cancer does not discriminate and it doesn’t care how busy you are, I want all women regardless of their age or family history to be proactive with their female health.

CAW is beyond thrilled and honoured to partner with Pink Hope and raise much needed funds to fight this deadly disease. For the month of October CAW will be donating 20% of all pink products sold, back to Pink Hope. Pink Hope has been a charity we have long admired and we are incredibly inspired by the amazing women fighting both breast and ovarian cancer. Together, we can make a change and hopefully find a cure.”

You can shop CAW’s stunning products here 



Jess Pang, Marketing manager, ettitude

“ettitude is a purpose-driven lifestyle brand with a vision for a better way of living. We make sustainably made bedding, bath and sleep essentials from the world’s first CleanBamboo™ fabric. Everything we do is based on a mission to empower us all to live with eco-attitude and to improve the comfort of all living things. As a female-founded and led wellness company, we are strong advocates of women and health.

As such, Pink Hope is a charity close to our hearts and we are honoured to be partnering with them for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We have created an exclusive, limited-edition Pink Hope pillowcase set and thrilled to confirm we will be donating 100% of the profits back to Pink Hope.

The silky-soft sateen weave pillowcase set is soft and comfortable against your skin, gentle on your hair and made with our unique, sustainable CleanBamboo™ fabric for a restful night’s sleep.

We have heard wonderful feedback regarding our signature Bamboo fabric, especially from those suffering from cancer or those who are going through chemotherapy and experiencing night sweats or hot flushes. We are proud to hear our products provide a little bit of comfort to those dealing with hardship. We look forward to a successful campaign and contributing further funding in the future.”

You can shop ettitude’s beautiful Pink Hope Pillowcases HERE


So ladies, now is the time to shop till you drop and indulgence in some guilt-free gifts for your mother, your friends or even for yourself while raising much-needed funding for Pink Hope. Happy Shopping!


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