Surgery must-haves

14 Oct 2020 by Pink Hope Team
Surgery must-haves

Preparing for surgery (whether that be a mastectomy/hysteroscopy or oophorectomy) is undoubtably a scary, daunting and nerve-wrecking experience. Here at Pink Hope we are committed to helping you along your journey, whatever stage that may be. We recently surveyed a number of women for their top tips, tricks and advice to make your surgery and recovery just a little bit easier.

Tip #1: Treat yourself (you deserve it!)

Considering you will be unable to move your arms as freely, why not book in for a beautiful blow dry the day before your surgery as a special treat. Alternatively, why not ask a friend or family member to braid or plait your hair prior to surgery to ensure it is kept out of the way. Dry shampoo is also a lifesaver for dirty, dishevelled hair and can refresh your hair in an instant – pick up a can from your local supermarket for under $10.

Also, make sure your fake/false nails are removed prior to surgery. Your best bet is to have a nice, clean, natural manicure (no polish) and a beautiful hand cream so you can slather on post-surgery. Face wipes are also a girl’s best friend for when you want to feel clean in an instant!



Tip #2: Charged up!

Is there anything more frustrating than a dying phone battery? Post-surgery you can anticipate plenty of calls, well wishes and messages to check in (remember you don’t have to answer or write back if you don’t feel up to it) and in addition, you will be spending plenty of time on your mobile phone. The most popular must-have is an extra-long phone charger. You can pick these up at your local Target, Kmart of JB HiFi for under $30, so you can easily talk/go online while you charge your phone. Alternatively, you can use a simple extension cord.

While we are at it don’t forget to bring the charger for extra electrical devices (iPad, iPod, AirPods) and laptop if you are up to watching movies – we also suggest uploading some favourite movies beforehand.

Tip #3: Comfort is key!

Forget fashion, comfort is key post-surgery so avoid anything too tight or constricting. Loose, light layers are the way to go and always ensure clothing has zippers rather than buttons (there will be wound/drain checking, so you need something that can be stretched or undone and done up again easily). Also, we all know that hospital air-con can be brutal, make sure you pack a nice scarf or your favourite blanket to keep you warm. Some women also suggest a hot water bottle/heat pack for additional reinforcements, but you can of course ask for these at the hospital should you need.

As always, we are incredibly inspired by your strength and wish you the best of luck for surgery day. If you have any other advice or suggestions, we would love to hear them!


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