The Pink Hope Bestie Manifesto

05 Jun 2018 by Krystal Barter
The Pink Hope Bestie Manifesto

Alright babes, we know your best friend is amazing! She’s the person you want to share life with, vent to, and silently scroll on your phone next to. There are so many ways you can show her you care and that you’re there for her- totally having her back in life and health.

Of course, she likes all your Insta photos, is a shoulder to cry on, and never forgets your birthday- but she’s also capable of saving your life! As besties, you both have some big responsibilities.

Here’s Pink Hope’s Bestie Manifesto to help start a conversation centred around having your girl’s back!

Download the Bestie Manifesto here:  PH_BESTIEMANIFESTO



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