Webinar Summary: Coping with Stress in a Pandemic

04 Apr 2020 by Krystal Barter
Webinar Summary: Coping with Stress in a Pandemic

We recently held a webinar with psychologist, Dr Leah Collins, who answered questions from the Pink Hope community & offered insights for managing stress.

Follow this link to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5iY4lqEjgY

Tips on how to prevent “COVID-19 burnout”

  • Reduce time spent on mobile devices and reading the news
  • Only engage with news from reputable and trustworthy sources


Focusing on things you can control, rather than what you can’t 

  • Focus on the facts
  • Implement simple strategies such as practising thorough hand washing and following health guidelines. This can reduce stress that comes from focusing on what you cannot control


Learning how to cope with anxiety during this unusual time

  • Practising self-compassion (e.g. through journaling)  
  • Implementing cognitive and behavioural strategies (e.g. mindfulness)


Other ways to look after yourself

  • Exercise
  • Maintain a level of routine
  • Practice yoga or meditation
  • Take up a new hobby




Trusted Resources

We’ve complied the most credible sources for COVID-19 information
World Health Organisation

WHO, Rolling Updates on COVID-19
Department of Health 

Political Alerts, news and media
Health Direct – 


Symptom checker
Therapeutic Goods Administration

Information on medicines and medical devices


Further information for immunosuppressed patients

ASCIA (Australasian society of clinical immunology and allergy) –  

Factsheet for COVID and immunodeficiency
Cancer Australia 

Information for people with cancer about COVID-19
National Breast Cancer Foundation –  

Posted on the 25th March on where to get information

Information about breast cancer and COVID




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