What Will you Choose?

06 Aug 2019 by Krystal Barter
What Will you Choose?

I always knew my husband’s family had a cancer thing going on, but it wasn’t until his sister was brave enough to have the testing done that we found out she was BRCA2 positive. Then my husband got the news he was carrying the gene and as life would have it, so did both my kids. My daughter was 23 and my son was 20 when they found out and I remember clearly how we felt, it was a tough time full of denial and fear.

To find out you carry this gene is such a difficult concept as it evokes many emotions, but I think one of the greatest is FEAR. Fear is scary in itself as it keeps us running trying to control things even though we are not really sure what we are running from. It’s a gene that may or may not express itself and more than likely you are healthy and cancer free when you get the news. It’s a confusing concept to the human brain, the fact that I am well and healthy today, but someone just told me that any time I could develop cancer. If I am female it’s probably going to be breast or ovarian cancer, so I will need to start to think about my medical options sooner than later. Wow!!! Over the past year I have sat and watched my beautiful daughter grapple with this and I have seen the fear in her eyes but at other times I have also seen the calm in her.

As a mum with a daughter carrying BRCA2 and a kinesiologist, I want everyone to know that this diagnosis does not have to be a curse but look at it as more of a choice.

The kind of choice presented to you which looks like a fork in the road. So, do you proceed down the highway of fear or choose the path of acceptance, calm, lifestyle moderation and change. It’s up to you, it’s your choice!

If you choose the fear highway you are sure to have a tough life as you will be constantly running, ducking and weaving hoping the big C isn’t just around the corner. Chances are it will be because all that running in fear puts your nervous system into a permanent fight or flight mode. It’s a bit like you are running flat out so the tiger doesn’t catch and eat you! Operating in constant fight or flight is detrimental to your health and if nothing else you will collapse with exhaustion.

So, let’s breathe and wander down the path of acceptance, calm, lifestyle moderation and change. This is the only path to explore because if you breathe you can take stock, consider your options and make informed decisions about your health. I bet you didn’t know that cancer cannot live in an oxygenated cell so the calmer we are and the more we breathe the healthier we are.

The point of this story is you hold the power, you have the knowledge and that’s all this is about. The power of information giving you the choice to either run around in the circle of fear or stop accept and make informed lifestyle decisions about your future health.

Written by, Annie White | Kinesiologist


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