Who should be in my fertility black book after a cancer diagnosis?

02 Oct 2019 by Krystal Barter
Who should be in my fertility black book after a cancer diagnosis?

There are several experts that you can reach out to in order to discuss your fertility options following a breast or ovarian cancer diagnosis. These include:

  • Fertility specialist – a doctor who specialises and is experienced in managing fertility issues;
  • Reproductive endocrinologist – a doctor who has completed additional training in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility;
  • Fertility counsellor – A counsellor who provides advice and support for individuals who are experiencing fertility issues and are well versed in supporting patients diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer; and
  • Genetic counsellor – a counsellor who provides advice and support for people with a strong family history of cancer or with a genetic condition known to increase your risk of cancer.

When making an appointment, it’s incredibly important to let the specialist know that you are about to undergo treatment for cancer so they can fit you in as soon as possible.

During the appointment, the specialist should outline the options that are available to you based on your personal situation. In partnership with your cancer specialist, they will make suggestions, and together you can make a decision based on what works with you and your treatment plan.

If you have a partner, having them attend the appointments alongside you is incredibly important to ensure that decisions are made together.

A family member or friend is also good to bring along to ensure you are both well supported.

Visiting a fertility specialist following a cancer diagnosis can seem entirely overwhelming and that’s completely understandable. As such, it’s a really great idea to take with you a list of questions to help you plan and make the most of the session, so you can come away feeling as educated and informed as possible.

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