Women Who Lead – Meet Penny Locaso

20 May 2019 by Krystal Barter
Women Who Lead – Meet Penny Locaso

June is the month of Pink Hope’s Pinky Promise, a time to remind women everywhere to stop, reflect and reconsider the way they approach their health. To kick-off this important conversation, we’re bringing you our first-ever Women Who Lead event; a beautiful dinner celebration where you’ll be moved to reflect on how you approach your health and self-care by hearing the stories from some of Australia’s leading ladies.

One of our incredible speakers include Penny Locaso. Voted one of the most influential female entrepreneurs in Australia Penny is the world’s first Happiness Hacker, on a mission to teach 10 million humans, by 2025, how to future-proof happiness.

Penny has created a world’s first pedagogy and measurement tool designed to humanise the future through the amplification of the Intentional Adaptability QuotientTM of individuals and organisations.

Returning from the NASA Research Centre in 2018, Penny is a Singularity University Alumni, educated by the best technology and Artificial Intelligence innovators in the world. Invited back to Singularity in 2019, Penny will share her IAQTM pedagogy with the intent of qualifying for faculty.

Three years ago, Penny turned her life upside down. In a 7-month period, she left a 16-year career as an executive, relocated her family from Perth back to Melbourne, left an 18-year relationship, and started BKindred. When Penny couldn’t find a global education company, that could skill her to future-proof her happiness, she went out and created one.

Clichere to buy your tickets to meet and listen to Penny speak at the Women Who Lead event this June.

100% of proceeds from this event will go directly towards Pink Hope’s life-saving mission. 


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