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Our founder meets Angelina Jolie at the #unbroken premiere

Wearing a sleek black dress and her signature bright pink lipstick, Krystal Barter shared an intimate moment with her idol Angelina Jolie last night. The mum of three was i...
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Emma & Roe by Michael Hill – Pink Hope Collection

Pink Hope is delighted to announce the launch of the Emma and Roe - Pink Hope Collection. This collection and 5 year partnership will provide sustainable funding enabling Pink...
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Welcome to Pink Hope – Know your risk….change your future!

Pink Hope empowers women and their families to take control of their hereditary breast and ovarian through education, prevention and support.  Know your risk, change your fut...
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Epigenetics – Histones and Nucleotides

Joanne Holahan Nurse and Pink Hope Ambassador covers histones and nucleotides as part of her research into epigenetics. Histone modification also play an important role in ...
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Nutrition During Chemotherapy

Carolyn McAnlis Dietitian and Pink Hope Ambassador covers nutrition during chemotherapy in this blog post. Undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatment is und...
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Menopause, BRCA/High Risk Women and HRT

  Many women at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer go into menopause early due to surgery and/or treatment and are unsure of the options to manage the side effects...
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Sarah’s Story

In 2009 I found out my Dad was positive for the BRCA1 gene. This was before BRCA1 was the 'Angelia Jolie gene', before it appeared in my daily news feed on Facebook and before I gave a second thought to