Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Bright Pink Lipstick Day

Friday 23rd September

Save Lives with your Lips

Pink Hope’s annual #BrightPinkLipstickDay campaign is empowering everyone to have a conversation regarding their family health history… because with this knowledge you have the power to take control of your health.

We are encouraging families, friends and colleagues to sign up to host a Bright Pink Lipstick Day Fundraiser. Not only are fundraisers a great way to get people together but the funds raised through this campaign enable Pink Hope to invest in critical lifesaving programs and support services.

Your Support Matters

Meet Amber. Last years #brightpinklipstickday campaign saved her life.

Pink Hope’s annual Bright Pink Lipstick Day campaign is highlighting the importance of “knowing” your family health history. The key message of Bright Pink Lipstick Day this year is ‘Save lives with your Lips’. What does this mean to you?
Save lives with your lips, what a fantastic initiative! We should all be encouraged to “Kiss-and-tell.” For me this means openly talking about everyone’s individual predisposed risk to breast and ovarian cancer. Although initially I was extremely guarded with the people I told about my diagnosis, now with the influence of Pink Hope I understand the importance of telling my story. I now talk to neighbours, school mums, colleagues and family, in the “hope” that they will identify their own risk and in turn share the Pink Hope message, ultimately & potentially saving their own life or the lives of their family and their friends.

What does it mean / how does it feel to be one of the faces for Bright Pink Lipstick Day 2016?
Being asked to be one of the faces of Bright Pink Lipstick Day for 2016 is such an incredible privilege for me. Being a young mother of three children under 6 and being diagnosed with breast cancer at 28 years old, I believe that I have been chosen to spread awareness among young women. Breast & Ovarian Cancer does not discriminate,whether you’re in your sixties or in your twenties. I cannot stress enough how important it is to know your risk, know your family history and be proactive. I am so grateful to Pink Hope for allowing me to share my story and create mindfulness around young women and risk.

What does the Pink Hope message mean to you? Or … The importance of Pink Hope to you?
I never want any of my family or friends to have to go through what I have been through over the past 12 months. Even though I put on a brave face throughout the entire journey it has been a devastating ordeal. I have two sisters, a beautiful daughter and niece who I am terrified for due to our genetic family history. A Bright Pink Lipstick fundraising event I attended in September 2015, prompted me to finally check my lump and as a result led to my early diagnosis of breast cancer. I will be forever in debt to Krystal and her incredible charity for providing a message that actually got through to me.

A bright pink lipstick fundraising event I attended in September 2015, prompted me to finally check my lump and as a result led to my early diagnosis of breast cancer. It literally saved my life.

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